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Vibrating machinery industry faces sudden break with traditional odd winning

Vibrating machinery industry faces sudden break with traditional odd winning

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During operation of the machine can not always avoid bumps, but also by the use of the mechanical energy of a variety of roles , including the role of energy in these three points:

( 1 ) the role of energy surrounding medium , including the task of the operator , maintenance personnel , and the role of environmental conditions ;

( 2 ) and mechanical operation and the agencies work on internal energy , such as various loads, vibration, temperature , etc. ;

( 3 ) gather materials and components in machinery latent energy ( internal stress and the stress of the casting assembly ) in the manufacture and assembly.

The energy is mechanical energy , thermal energy , chemical energy in the form of existence , when the energy reaches a certain value , the process will lead to harmful , causing changes in mechanical properties and the initial state of the components , such as when the sub with a certain power and speed of movement when mutual friction process will produce harmful friction results will lead to worn with vice , so that movement with the deputy and other changes.

With the development of harmful visible process , first make components appear damaged , the specific performance wear, deformation , cracks , fatigue, corrosion and other damage to make structural changes in the parameters of mechanical parts , such as dimensional tolerances , geometric tolerances , with the gap and other changes. Has led to changes in the structure parameters of the mechanical function of the output parameter changes , such as changes in the mechanical power output , speed and the like . With the further expansion of the extent of damage , the structural parameters of the mechanical parts gradually exceed the allowable value. If the structural parameters of mechanical parts exceeds the allowable value, while the functional output parameters do not exceed the permitted limits , it is considered a potential mechanical failure occurs , the corresponding state is abnormal state , this time should be eliminated by maintenance ; later overrun if the structural parameters function output parameters exceed the allowable value, is considered a mechanical malfunction occurs , the corresponding state failed state , this time should be excluded by appropriate repair faults . If the machinery after prolonged use, the structural parameters of the main components have reached their limit , and the system is severely overloaded function output parameters , use the economy decreased , then the state machinery in the limits of technology , the need for major repairs or updates.

Therefore , vibration machinery industry must take the science and technology innovation path blindly referring to the past can only limit is still facing the problem of mechanical vibrator for vibrating machinery in the factory how harmful course of the campaign after the rectification process and is a major key .