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History and application of vibrators

History and application of vibrators

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Pneumatic vibrators are at the beginning of this century in the form of linear piston vibrators or pneumatic hammer into the practical. Only a few years later, with the rolling sphere simpler or rotor rotary vibrator was born. In the past few decades, this design has never been changed ; most vibrators vibrator housing is still cast iron plant material , appearance is not processed .

The late sixties , the first time for the aluminum shell material were tested. Aluminum processing is easy , and very clean. Whether the machine or the user 's hands are not stained with the processing of sand sand mold .

Aluminum has the required strength are not too easy to crack hard . The aluminum surface can be sprayed , so that it can be modern industrial design . For applications under special circumstances , such as the pharmaceutical industry , etc. , can be made of stainless steel casing .

Used to separate corn kernels and corn cob debris sieve is considered the first industrial application of a vibrator , which is the first non- human-powered vibrating elements , such as the use of wind , water and so on.

Even today, some parts of the world still use centuries ago as a manual to hammer die as concrete tamping tool , similar to using a hammer with which to aid material flow .

Today a lot of work is completed by the vibrator . The main application of Foshan vibrator is empty hopper , material selection, concrete tamping and sand , earth and any other powder or small particles and feed screws . Also used in the electronics industry to detect the vibration of the printed circuit board contacts .